Fully-automatic capsule sealing machines: S-125

Pharmaceutical equipment for capsules

Fully-automatic capsule sealing machines


Seals the joint between the cap and body of hard capsules, contributing to product stability and providing tamper evidence.

Fully-automatic capsule sealing machines: S-125


  • Two-stage sealing process provides a stronger seal.
  • Positioning guide allows capsules to be sealed at a fixed position.
  • All capsules are counted and checked for quality via a contactless sensor.
  • As capsules are dried at room temperature, this allows for drying seals without reducing capsule moisture.

Advantages of Sealing Capsules

Advantages of Sealing Capsules
  • Prevents capsules being opened.
  • Prevents liquid or powder leakage
  • Prevents odor leakage
  • Reduces oxidation
  • Aids product differentiation

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