UV laser marking systems: LIS-250D/LIS-Labo

Pharmaceutical equipment for tablets

UV laser marking systems


The surfaces of solid dosage forms (tablets, soft capsules) are marked by irradiation with a UV laser.
Since it does not use ink, this machine eliminates the problems associated with offset and inkjet printing (ink stains, interrupted characters, etc.), improving yield and reducing running costs.
*The transfer mechanism for soft capsules is different.

UV laser marking systems: LIS-250D/LIS-Labo


  • Ink-related defects are eliminated.
  • Text for printing can be prepared using CAD, allowing design flexibility.
  • No cost incurred for design roll or ink, reducing running costs.
  • Large printable area and excellent reproduction of detailed designs.
  • Printing does not cause thermal denaturation of tablets.
  • Unattended operation is possible.


Ideal for small-volume and R&D applications.

Up to 128 tablets can be printed by simply placing them on the tray.

*Tablets do not require rectification.

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