Capsule appearance inspection machines: CES Series

Pharmaceutical equipment for capsules

Capsule appearance inspection machines


The appearance of the capsule is inspected by direct image capture with the camera, controlling its orientation and rotating the capsule during intermittent transfer.

Capsule appearance inspection machines: CES Series


Compact size, can be connected directly to a capsule filling machine.

The small installation footprint allows direct connection to a filling machine in a dedicated filling room, and the filling machine can be controlled in accordance with the defect rate detected.

Inspection is fast and highly accurate.

The multi-row rotary rectification system is used to control the direction and stop the rotation of capsules for inspection at a throughput of 155,000 capsules per hour, resulting in high inspection accuracy with no blind spots.

Unattended, long-term operation is possible.

The capsule rectification and conveyance mechanism, which has a proven record in filling and sealing machines, provides gentle capsule feeding and stable inspection accuracy, making unattended operation possible.


The main specifications are as follows.

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Model CES-50 CES-100 CES-150
Production capacity 50,000 capsules/hour 100,000 capsules/hour
100,000 capsules/hour
1 – 5
150,000 capsules/hour
Compatible capsule sizes Type Hard capsules
Dimensions Size 0 – 5
Optional accessories Power source 3-phase AC200V±10% 30A (11.0KVA) 50/60㎐
Compressed air 0.5MPa 0.7㎥/min
Vacuum -8KPa 2.0㎥/min -8KPa 4.0㎥/min -8KPa 6.0㎥/min
Installation environment Temperature 18 – 28℃
Humidity 45% to 65% RH (condensation-free)
External dimensions Main unit Width580㎜×Depth650㎜×Height2,168㎜ (Including hopper)
Control unit Width900㎜×Depth700㎜×Height1,910㎜
Weight Main unit Approximately 600㎏
Control unit Approximately 550㎏
Sound level Not more than 85 dB (A)
Inspection method Appearace inspection: 1 to 3 color line sensor cameras
*The number of cameras varies according to the processing capacity
Inspection items The following defects can be detected: foreign matter, dirt, tears, broken capsules, splinters, punctures, crushes, granule bites, fissures, dents, double caps, mid-capsule folds, tear-off (unjointed capsules), dissimilar, non-printed capsules, print-out, and length defects.
Inspection accuracy Black foreign matter: Not less than 80㎛
*As detection accuracy varies according to the capsule coloring, please contact us for further details.
(Please provide defective samples)
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