Capsule filling machine (funnel method): FP-40 EasiFILL

Pharmaceutical equipment for capsules

Capsule filling machine (funnel method)

FP-40 EasiFILL

A fully-automatic system for filling hard capsules with powder, granules, or pellets. The FP-40 EasiFILL system has superior cost performance.
*Filling with pellets and granules are options.

Capsule filling machine (funnel method): FP-40 EasiFILL


  • The filling station consists of 10 segments, with each segment transporting 6 capsules.
  • A screw housed inside the powder hopper ensures that a constant amount of powder is fed.
  • Equipped with interlock mechanisms for situations such as out of capsule, out of powder, and door limit, and a stop alarm will sound if necessary.
  • The slag powder formed in the dosing tube is held under vacuum until it is loaded into the body, allowing for more accurate filling.
  • The amount of powder intake in the dosing tube can be easily adjusted. There is no need to prepare replacement parts for different filling volumes.
    (Except for special circumstances such as small-volume filling)
  • Size changes and re-assembly after disassembly can be completed in less than 30 minutes. Repeatability is ensured without the need for fine adjustments.
  • The drive unit cam is made up of individual components, facilitating replacement. The FP-40 EasiFILL has excellent maintainability.

Filling Mechanism

Filling Mechanism


The main specifications are as follows.

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Model FP-40 EasiFILL
Production capacity Standard: 40,000 capsules/hour
Compatible capsule sizes Size 00 – 4
Optional accessories Power source AC200V±10% 50/60㎐ 20A (7.0 KVA) (including vacuum pump capacity)
Compressed air 0.5MPa 0.1㎥/min
Vacuum Built-in vacuum pump
Installation environment Temperature 18 – 28℃
Humidity 45% to 65% RH (condensation-free)
External dimensions Width 1,200㎜
Depth 1,100㎜
Height 2,200㎜
Weight Approximately 1,200㎏
Sound level Not more than 85 dB (A)

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