Tablet printer: QI-300

Pharmaceutical equipment for tablets

Tablet printer


By keeping its functions to the minimum required, this tablet printer is compact and light-weight, yet still maintains high printing quality.

Tablet printer: QI-300


  • Compact design with the control unit incorporated into the main unit, yet offers high processing performance at 300,000 tablets/hour (for round, standard tablets).
  • High quality and excellent processing performance with a high rate of tablet supply.
  • High-quality printing with a horizontal printing method.
  • Prevents fouling with ink by aligning rectified tablet transfer with the drying belt.


The main specifications are as follows.

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Model QI-300
Production capacity Max. 250,000 tablets/hour (depending on tablet)
Applicable products Types: sugar-coated tablets, film-coated tablets, irregular shaped tablets, soft capsules
Diameter 5 to 10.5㎜, thickness 2 to 5㎜ (special sizes can also be accommodated)
Optional accessories Power source 3-phase AC200V±10% 10A (3.5KVA 50/60㎐)
Compressed air 0.5MPa 0.7㎥/min
Vacuum -19.6kPa 10.5㎥/min
Installation environment Temperature 18 – 28℃
Humidity 45% to 65% RH (condensation-free)
External dimensions
(Including hopper)
Width 2,281㎜
Depth  660㎜
Height 2,078㎜
Weight Approximately 1,000㎏
Sound level Not more than 85 dB (A)

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