Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


Qualicaps Delivers Satisfaction to Partners, People, and the Planet through Creativity – For Life and Health –

  • While R&D capabilities and technological capabilities remain the foundation of our management, we must further pursue innovative development and technologies, rich in ingenuity. This is the wish that we embody in "Creativity."
  • As the stakeholders that we target, we chose "Partners, People, and the Planet," words that convey a broad meaning.
  • The words "Delivers Satisfaction," indicating our mission and purpose, incorporate our wish for achievements that exceed expectations.
  • With the words "For Life and Health," we reaffirm that healthcare will remain the area of our business activities.


We formulated three Visions that describe how we see the Company in the future, having conducted business under our Mission.

1. A World that Brims with Innovative Qualicaps Products

Innovative products – that is, the realization of innovation – are the most important guideline for our Company. While we have established a certain position for ourselves in Japan, we embed a wish to expand our presence in markets beyond Japan, primarily in Asia, in the words "A World that Brims."

2. A Global Company from Nara, Committed to National Treasure-Class Technology

Although we have confidence that our technological capabilities are second to none, we will not be satisfied with the status quo and will improve our technology. We have expressed this resolution through the word "Committed." This Vision further incorporates our desire to offer new value globally from the 1300-year-old historic city of Nara.

3. Smiling Employees Who Boast "Our Company is Awesome"

The employees who work at our Company are among our valuable stakeholders. Our employees work with smiles and make the stakeholders around us smile.

We have decided to use "National Treasure," "Smiling," and "Awesome," terms not typically found in corporate missions and visions, as words that convey our uniqueness and our gratitude for having been raised in Nara.