Pharmaceutical Equipment FAQ

Questions about Products

Is it possible to reuse the main unit or machine parts?
Generally, reuse is not accepted.
How should I dispose of the machine?
The machine should be disposed of as industrial waste in accordance with local regulations.
What environmental measures have been implemented?
There are no harmful emissions from the equipment.
It also meets the regulations of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare regarding occupational safety during operation.
What preparation is needed for installation?
Nothing in particular.
Ensure sufficient space for installing the equipment, and prepare necessary utilities (electric power, compressed air, and vacuum).

Questions about Printing

How do I create print designs?
For offset printing, design rolls are prepared. For laser printing and inkjet printing, designs can be made using digital data.
Feel free to request printing samples.
Is it possible to print onto objects other than tablets and capsules?
It is intended to be used for printing on pharmaceutical products and health-food products.
Customers use our equipment for printing on tablets and hard/soft capsules.
Does the ink have any negative impact on health?
Edible ink is used for offset printing and inkjet printing.
What safety measures are implemented for the UV laser printer?
Directly looking at the laser with the naked eye can be very dangerous.
The laser is carefully shielded and an interlock is used so that it is not emitted outside the equipment.