HPMC Capsules — QUALI-V®-N

Health food capsules

HPMC Capsules

HPMC Capsules — QUALI-V®-N

Plant-derived hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) -based capsules,
developed by Qualicaps®.

HPMC Capsules — QUALI-V®-N

Product Overview

  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) is 100% plant-based and QUALI-V®-N includes no animal-sourced raw materials whatsoever.
  • Chemically stable and unaffected by drug contents.
  • Less affected by mechanical strength by air humidity and suitable for hygroscopic APIs.
  • Free of allergen (28 raw materials identified as allergens in Japan).
  • It is possible to fill with a combination of two or more types of preparations, such as solid, oily liquid, and semi-solid preparations (oily liquid and semi-solid preparations need the band sealing).

QUALI-V®-N capsules are ideal for the following substances.

  1. Substances that may become very unstable due to moisture: Vitamins such as Vitamin C and any of the B group, heme iron
  2. Substances made from natural extracts that are highly hygroscopic: natural remedies, natural herbs, fermentation extracts
  3. Substances with components that are prone to react with gelatin: Vitamin C, DHA/EPA (fish oils)

Color Lineup

The following capsule colors are available in our standard lineup.

  • WhiteWhite
  • ClearClear
  • Clear Dark CaramelClear Dark Caramel
  • Clear GreenClear Green

Please contact us for inquiries about capsule stock.

Capsule Sizes

Available in 3 sizes, from 1 to 3.

Capsule Sizes
Size (♯) 1 2 3
Volume (mL) 0.49 0.37 0.28

Packaging Quantities (number included)

The standard numbers of capsules packed in each case for outside of Japan are as follows.

Capsule size (♯) Standard quantities
1 Transparent capsules 100,000
Opaque capsules 125,000
2 150,000
3 200,000

Test Data

Dissolution Test

The dissolution property of QUALI-V®-N capsules is almost the same in different dissolution media: water, 1st fluid for dissolution test (simulating gastric fluid),
2nd fluid for dissolution test (simulating intestinal fluid).

Test Data
Source: In-house data
Test conditions

Capsule size: ♯3

Apparatus: Paddle method, 50 rpm, UV detection

Dissolution media: water, 1st fluid for dissolution test, or 2nd fluid for dissolution test, 900 mL each

Capsule fill formulation: 20% acetaminophen mixture

Fill weight: 150 mg


We prepare accreditations and/or certifications for QUALI-V®-N. For further reference, please contact us for further information.

Kosher Certification (Copy) GMO Statement Allergen Statement
Titanium Oxide Statement Agricultural Chemical Residues in Foods Statement Food Utensils, Containers, and Packaging Statement
Gluten Statement Irradiation Statement SDS
Capsule Specifications Flow of Manufacturing Capsules Test Methods
Capsule Theoretical Formula Nutrition information COA Sample

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QUALI-V is a registered trademark of Qualicaps in China, India, US, Canada, EU, Switzerland, and UK.

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