Gelatin Capsules — QUALI-G™-N

Health food capsules

Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin Capsules — QUALI-G™-N

High quality capsules in greatest general use, that utilize our high technical capabilities developed in the field of pharmaceutical products.

Gelatin Capsules — QUALI-G™-N

Product Overview

  • Widely used across the globe for many years.
  • Excellent dissolution property.
  • The Japanese Institute for Health Food Standards (JIHFS)-GMP certification is obtained and QUALI-G™-N capsules are manufactured in a validated production environment.
  • Preservative-free.
  • It is possible to fill with a combination of two or more types of preparations, such as solid, oily liquid, and semi-solid preparations (oily liquid and semi-solid preparations need the band sealing).

Color Lineup

The following capsule colors are available in our standard lineup.

  • WhiteWhite
  • ClearClear
  • Clear Dark CaramelClear Dark Caramel
  • Clear Light CaramelClear Light Caramel
  • Clear CacaoClear Cacao
  • Clear RedClear Red
  • Clear GreenClear Green
  • Yellow/WhiteYellow/White
  • Green/WhiteGreen/White

Please contact us for inquiries about capsule stock and other colors.

Capsule Printing

Two imprinting methods are available:
・Offset printing with two color ink
・UV lazer printing with no ink : Qualicaps®'s own technology

Offset printing

Offset printing uses edible ink,
in which two colors, white and black, are available.

Offset printing
UV lazer printing

UV lazer printing technology utilizes the color change of titanium oxide by UV irradiation.
UV lazer can print fine design to capsules.

UV lazer printing

Capsule Sizes

Available in 4 sizes, from 0 to 3.

In addition, please contact us for inquiries about the special size.

Capsule Sizes
Size (♯) 0 1 2 3
Volume (mL) 0.68 0.49 0.37 0.28

Packaging Quantities (number included)

The standard numbers of capsules packed in each case for outside of Japan are as follows.

Capsule size (♯) Standard quantities
0 90,000
1 100,000
2 150,000
3 200,000

Test Data

Dissolution Test

QUALI-G™-N capsules have excellent dissolution properties, with not less than 80% of the capsule contents released within 5 minutes.

Test Data
Source: In-house data
Test conditions

Capsule size: ♯3

Apparatus: Paddle method, 50 rpm, UV detection

Dissolution medium: water, 900 mL

Capsule fill formulation: 20% acetaminophen mixture

Fill weight: 200 mg


We prepare accreditations and/or certifications for QUALI-G™-N. For further reference, please contact us for further information.

JIHFS-GMP Certification (Copy)
BSE/TSE Statement GMO Statement Allergen Statement
Titanium Oxide Statement Gluten Statement Agricultural Chemical Residues in Foods Statement
Food Utensils, Containers, and Packaging Statement Irradiation Statement
SDS Capsule Specifications Flow of Manufacturing Capsules
Test Methods Capsule Theoretical Formula COA Sample

Additionally, Qualicaps® received ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.
See ″ISO Management″ for further details.

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