We have developed new mission and vision statements

Our Company has fully revised the basic policy that has formed our management guidelines since we began operation in 1965. We are pleased to announce that we have formulated a new Mission and Visions.


Building on powerful R&D capabilities, our Company has broadened its domain of business from the manufacturing and sales of high-quality capsules to also encompass the development and sales of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. Doing so, we have steadily expanded our business performance. However, as our business environment and the demands of our stakeholders change and diversify, achieving further growth requires that we redefine our purpose and the mission that we fulfill, and that we solidify our vision for the Company.


How we formulated our Mission and Visions

The mission and vision that serve as a company’s management guidelines are generally understood to be formulated through repeated deliberation, primarily by executive management. Our Company took a different tack. In formulating the draft for our Mission and Visions, along with participation by executive management we openly called on participation by all employees. We launched the Future Mapping Project, a project by members with consideration of diversity in department, age, gender, and other characteristics, and incorporated viewpoints not captured by conventional frameworks.

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