Tablet appearance inspection machine: VIM+T

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Tablet appearance inspection machine


Equipped with state-of-the-art optics, this appearance inspection machine is capable of inspecting the entire tablet surface, including edges, by capturing images of the front surface and side, and the rear surface and side, with the same cameras.

Tablet appearance inspection machine: VIM+T


  • This model is designed to achieve even higher accuracy by capturing images from four oblique angles and from orthogonal angles.
  • Incorporating a dedicated image processing board and original development software results in more accurate and faster processing.
  • Parts that come into contact with tablets can be detached and reattached without tools (some exceptions).
  • To avoid installation errors, the unit can only be installed in the proper location.
  • The captured images can also be used to simulate inspection.


The main specifications are as follows.

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Model VIM+T
Inspection part Applicable products Type Plain tablets, FC tablets, sugar-coated tablets, irregular-shaped tablets (symmetrical shapes)
Round-shaped tablets,
diameter 5 to 13㎜, thickness 2 to 8㎜
Irregular-shaped tablets,
long axis 5 to 22㎜, short axis 5 to 13㎜, thickness 2 to 8㎜
*We may need to discuss options with you if the dimensions are outside the above ranges, or for special tablet shapes.
Production capacity Max. 250,000 tablets/hour (diameter 7㎜, round tablets)
*Depending on the type of tablet and its size and shape
Inspection items Foreign matter, dirt, fibers, broken capsules, chips, wrong size
Inspection accuracy Black foreign matter on the surface and sides Not less than 50㎛
Penetrating chips Not less than 0.5㎜ (non-penetrating chips: not less than 1.0㎜ from the periphery, depth not less than 0.5㎜)
Wrong dimensions Not less than 0.5㎜
*We will discuss options with you in further detail, as the accuracy may vary depending on the shape and color of the tablet.
Ispection methods Oblique 4-angle imaging (1st stage)
Orthogonal angle imaging (2nd stage)
Camera Appearance inspection
1st stage:
4 × monochrome line sensor cameras
2nd stage:
2 × color line sensor cameras
Lighting system LED right
Inspection PC Dedicated high-speed image processing board with original software
Transfer component System dimensions Main unit Width 1,740㎜ × Depth 950㎜ × Height 1,700㎜ (excluding hopper)
Height of tablet supply,
1,730㎜ (hopper height)
Height of good product discharge chute,
PC rack Width 600㎜ × Depth 600㎜ × Height 1,900㎜
Weight Main unit Approximately 1,750㎏
PC rack Approximately 280㎏
Power source 3-phase 200V±10% 50/60㎐ 40A (13.9KVA) (Built-in blower)
Compressed air 0.5MPa 0.3㎥/min

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