Inkjet marking system: IMS-300D

Pharmaceutical equipment for tablets

Inkjet marking system


Uses an inkjet system to print designs such as text and markings in bitmap format on both sides of the tablet.

Inkjet marking system: IMS-300D


  • The IMS-300D prints on plain tablets and OD tablets, which has proved difficult with conventional printers.
  • We are also developing quick-drying water-soluble and pigment-based inks, which can be used to print on FC tablets.
  • A high-resolution printhead allows letters and marks to be printed clearly.
  • Four cameras are used to inspect printing on both sides of the tablet to ensure high print quality.
  • The design of the printed characters can be made speedily by image scanning.


The main specifications are as follows.

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Model IMS-300D
Production capacity 300,000 tablets/hour (depending on conditions)
Power source 3-phase, 200V, 60A (Earth leakage circuit breaker: 100mA)
3-phase, 200V, 11㎾ (for blower for product transfer)
3-Phase, 200V, 0.65㎾ (for dust collecting blower)
Compressed air 0.6MPa, 1,500L/min (ANR) (for product contact), (inner drive 10L/min)
Vacuum Vacuum, 19.6kPA; air flow rate, 10.5㎥/min
Installation environment Temperature 23 ± 5℃
Humidity 55% ± 10%RH (condensation-free)
External dimensions
Main unit
Approximately 1,580×1,570×2,666 (Including hopper)㎜ (Width×Depth×Height)
Control unit
Approximately 800×700×2,150㎜ (Width×Depth×Height)
Blower for transfer
Approximately 1,550×1,490×1,900㎜ (Width×Depth×Height)
Separator with blower
Approximately 1,324×2,316㎜ (φ×Height)
Dust-collecting blower
Approximately 520×650×1,447㎜ (Width×Depth×Height)
Main unit
Approximately 2,500㎏
Control unit
Approximately 500㎏
Blower for transfer
Approximately 630㎏
Separator with blower
Approximately 300㎏
Dust-collecting blower
Approximately 90㎏

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